"Hi, my name is Maria and I’m Michele’s mother. Nate and our other grandsons like to call me Vozinha which means grandma in Portuguese.  Michele has always loved children.  As a child, younger children gravitated toward her.  Michele was overjoyed when she became an aunt to my daughter Evelyn’s children.  Evelyn’s two sons, Ryan and Danny, are so special to Michele.  She loves them and dreamt of giving them cousins.  We love Roberto and his family.  We have so much in common with them.  They have shown Michele so much love and care which warms our heart.  Roberto takes wonderful care of Michele and Nate.  He loves them unconditionally and we always look forward to spending time with him.  In 2012, when Nate was born, we all fell in love all over again.  Ryan and Danny were so thrilled to have a little cousin.  

I love that Michele and Roberto have decided to adopt. I am so proud and excited for our family.   I can’t wait to have another grandchild to love and spoil!"

Michele's Dad:

"Hi, my name is Aurelio and I’m Michele’s Dad.  Nate calls me Vovo, which means grandpa in Portuguese. I am so proud of my daughter Michele and her husband Roberto. My wife and I have raised our daughter to be the woman she is today.  They are such great parents.  Roberto has become like a son to us.  My grandsons are all very important to me. They are all my little best friends.  It is my greatest pleasure to be able to spend so much time with them.

I’m so excited to be a grandfather again and can’t wait to meet our new grandchild!  I love him or her already!"

Roberto's Mom:

"Hello, my name is Lissett and I am Roberto’s mother. God has bless me with 3 beautiful children. Roberto and Michele are loving and caring parents to my little Nate and I am sure their hearts are full of more love for another little one in their lives. 

Michele is such a loving wife and mother that I can’t ask for more for my son and Nate. They are wonderful parents and we feel so blessed to see the beautiful family they have formed. We are all waiting with so much love for the arrival of a new grandchild." 

Roberto's Dad:

"Hello my name is Carlos. I’m Roberto’s father. In these past 13 years Michele has become like our own daughter. Nate was our miracle baby, who came to give us so much joy.  He came to unite us even more. He is a very smart and gentle little boy.

Roberto and Michele are wonderful loving parents, who love children very much.

We would be so happy to have another baby to take care to fill our lives with more love."

Michele's Mom:


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