Our Family and Home


      We moved to Long Island, NY from Queens, NY in 2011.  We have a warm and happy home in a nice community with great schools. One of the things we love about our community is so close to everything and to our family. We have plenty of space and a big back yard. The front yard has a beautiful magnolia tree.  Our living room is also a fun spacious play room.    As a family we spend a lot of time enjoying each other and cooking together in our kitchen.   Our home has plenty of space, so we enjoy hosting parties and celebrations with family and friends!  Every year we host New Years Eve and it’s a such a blast!  We have worked hard to make our home cozy, inviting and loving. 

Our Magnolia Tree

My sister Evelyn is my best friend and my parents are treasured by both of is.  Nate enjoys spending time with his big cousins Ryan and Danny.  They have a blast together.

 Our family has always been close.  My family loves throwing parties for them to celebrate  birthdays, anniversaries and other milestones.  Family has always been so important to us and it always will be.

Roberto's family:


Just like Michele, I too am so incredibly lucky to have both my parents be a part of our everyday lives.  My parents met here in New York and were married in 1975. I have a younger brother, Marlon and a younger sister Melissa.

We have a very large extended family that are spread all across the US. From Florida to Texas and California. 

The love of family that I have comes from the love my family has given me and the years of maintaining the strong relationships we have with each other.



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Michele’s family:


I am so incredibly lucky to have such wonderful parents that are a part of our everyday lives. I have many cousins with whom I have a close relationships with. My aunts and uncles are all very important to me as well.  I have special memories with each of them such as weddings in pink,  trips to Great Adventure, the New York Aquarium, Holidays and days at the beach.