Micheles profession:

      I have a BA in Business and a AS in Hotel Management. For years’ I have worked in apartment rentals and some Property Management.  My days are never the same.  I get to meet people from all walks of life and help them find their homes.  


Robertos profession:

      I recently changed careers and I am  now an Export Manager.  Before this change I was a commercial truck driver.  I have been driving trucks for many years. I work for a great company that has allowed me to expand and grow.  As as a truck driver I was able to see so much of our country from the road.  It was the best part of being a driver! 


      We moved to Long Island, NY from Queens, NY in 2011.  We bought a cape style home in a nice community with great schools. One of the things we love about our community is its proximity to everything and to our family. Our home has three bedrooms, one and a half bathrooms and a big back yard. The front yard has a beautiful magnolia tree.  We have a large living room, which we have divided into a play area for our son.  Additionally we also have a family room and dining room.  As a family we spend a lot of time in our eat in kitchen which is important to us.  Our home has plenty of space for our get togethers with family and friends! Every year we host New Years Eve and it’s a such a blast!  We have worked hard to make our home cozy, inviting and loving. We are so blessed.

Micheles family:

      My mother and her family arrived to Queens, New York from Portugal in the late 1960’s.  She is the eldest of four siblings, three sisters and a brother who passed in 2017.  My grandfather passed in 1997 and my grandmother recently passed away in September 2018 at the age of 96.  I have many cousins and whom I have a close relationship with. My cousin Jackie has been like a sister to me.  We are the same age and spent so much time together growing up.  Jackie’s sister Rosie, is very special to me too.  The three of us spent many summers together playing, making memories and causing fun trouble. Jackie is married with two children Emma and Joey.  Joey and Nate are the same age and they love paying together as we did as children. Lisa, Kelly, Melissa and Tina are my cousins as well that I love and am extremely proud of.  My aunts and uncles are all very important to me as well.  I have special memories with each of them such as weddings in pink, to trips to Great Adventure, the New York Aquarium, Holidays and trips to the beach.  

      My father Aurelio came to Queens, New York from Argentina in the early 1970’s.  My father’s family are Portuguese as well and have lived in Argentina since the early 1950’s.  He has one brother that lives in Argentina with his wife, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.  My grandfather passed away in 2000 and grandmother passed away in 2002.  We made many trips to Argentina to visit with my grandparents, aunt, uncle and cousins. I'm so grateful to have experienced many sweet memories of the house my father grew up in. Although there were many miles between us we still have a strong family bond. 

      In 1974, my parents married after a short courtship.  And soon after that they had my only sister Evelyn.  Evelyn is my best friend. Many times, people mistake us for each other and it’s not rare to hear us finish each other’s sentences.  I love her very much.  Evelyn has two sons. Ryan who is 16 and Danny who is 15.  When they were born the love I had for Evelyn poured over to my nephews.  I was over the moon with my nephews and still am.  Nate loves his big cousins and considers them his big brothers.  They are so good to him.  

      Our family has always been close.  Evelyn and I love our parents so much and take great pride in them.  We love throwing parties for them to celebrate their birthdays, anniversaries and other mild stones.  Family has always been so important to us and it always will be.


Roberto's family:

      My mother came to Manhattan in 1971 from Guatemala.  She was brought here by her parents with her 3 siblings.  She was very young so she got the chance to experience American high school.  My grandparents were young when I was born so while my parents went to work I was taken care of by my grandmother.  My uncles happened to be born around the same time I was so we grew up together like brothers.  My uncles children call me “Tio” which is uncle in Spanish.  I am the oldest of all the cousins in my family.  Unfortunately most of them have moved outside New York state but when we do get together it’s a celebration. 


      My father was also brought here in 1971, also from Guatemala.  He has 4 siblings.  My grandfather moved to California while my grandmother came to Manhattan with my father.  His brothers and sisters moved to California as well.  No matter the distance the family still keeps in touch with phone calls, and thanks to technology, video calling. 


      My parents met here in New York and were married in 1975.  I have a younger brother, Marlon and a younger sister Melissa. Marlon is a very talented writer, who works hard every day to achieve his dream. Melissa has a very successful career in fashion and is an amazing aunt to Nate.  We get together every chance we can and love catching up.


      No matter the distance, no matter the age, no matter the time that passes when we do get the opportunity to see each other it’s like nothing has changed.  The love of family I have comes from the love of my family has given me and the years of maintaining the relationships we have with each other.